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The 2012 Grant Party was a smash! The Atlanta Sisters were able to grant over $16,000 dollars to many organizations thanks to you the community. Your donations and support helped the following organizations this year. Keep up the great work Atlanta!

The Feminist Women Health Center/Transgender Initiative

$8,288 to The Feminist Women’s Health Center / Transgender Initiative 

The Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence along with the Atlanta Radical Faeries raised these funds at our second annual event, IGLA 2012 “Digital Doomsday Disco“.

$1,000 to Lost n Found

$1,000 to The Health Initiative

$1,000 to AV200 Bike Ride

$1,000 to The Health Initiative

$500 to The Pajama Project

$500 to Clair Movie Project by Milford Thomas

The Atlanta Sisters also helped raised more than $2,800 dollars in funds in other events where the monies collected went directly to these organizations:

$420 to H.E.R.O for Children This monies where collected from Sister Karma’s Novice Project in November.

$115 to Atlanta Pet Rescue and Adoption from Sisters Night at Woofs event in April.

$150 to AVER American Veterans for Equal Rights Atlanta Chapter from Sisters Night at Woofs event in May.

$189.40 to Armorettes from Sisters Night at Woofs event in June.

$190 to The Georgia Safe School Coalition from Sisters Night at Woofs event in June.

$536 to The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition to the Pink Cadets from Sisters Night at Woofs event in June.

$250 to Gallanos Club Halloween Party.

$120 to Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus from the October Speed Date event at Blakes.

$484 to Positive Impact / Mister

$80 to P.A.L.S. Pets Are Loving Support

$500 to CARES