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Team Friendly AtlantaThe Atlanta Sisters love giving back! So far during 2013, we have giving back more than $11,600 dollars that you the community has helped us raise! Here are the recipients of Grants for 2013 Grant Cycle. These are the people and organizations you helped. Thank You!


Blessed Be!

$1,000 to Team Friendly Atlanta

$1,000 to First Existentialist Congregation

$2,000 to Lost n Found

$2,000 to The Health Initiative

$2,000 to Just Us ATL

$2,000 to Project Open Hand

The Atlanta Sisters also helped raised more than $1,600 dollars in funds in other events where the monies collected went directly to these organizations:

$316 to CHOA Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta from Sisters Night at Woofs event in February.

$385 to APD LGBT Atanta Police Department LGBT from Sisters Night at Woofs event in March.

$178 to Positive Impact / Mister from Sisters Night at Woofs event in April.

$246 to AV200 Bike Ride from Sisters Night at Woofs event in May.

$492 to Positive Impact / Mister from Joe’s on Juniper Block Party event in May.

Image 2Aside from giving money we also recognized different organization, groups or individuals who contributed to the sisters ministries and the community.


F.R.O.G.S. Midtown – Mellow Mushroom Midtown – Woofs Atlanta – Rubby Red – Brushstrokes

The Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence want to give a GIANT THANK YOU to all of you who have donated time and effort to our organization. Remember to come to our events, and also give and give often. You are helping someone that is in need!