Since our founding in 2009, the Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have raised and distributed more than $37,686 in just grants to non-profit organizations that serve the community.

Each year, we raise thousands more.  The next time you see a Sister with a collection bucket, drop a couple of bucks in because the money goes right back to the community.

Historically, the Sisters have given grants to under-funded, smaller organizations and projects providing direct services to our communities. The majority of these organizations and projects receive little, if any, government or main-stream funding and may be in the early stages of development. Our grants are typically $250 to $2,000.

We are especially attracted to progressive projects that promote wellnessidentitytolerance and diversity within our communities. We have a vision that encompasses diverse communities and groups that have a common interest in human rights, people of every gender, gender identity, race, class, age and sexual orientation.

The Atlanta Sisters Grant Schedule

Our schedule is on a yearly basis and grant applications are received all year.  Our Black and White Ball is every May and this is the time when we disperse Grant funds. All applications received by March will be consider for the current cycle.

To apply for a grant click Here!